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In a world awash with noise, a clear signal is hard to find. BUDX is a movement to help identify and support new culture to strengthen that signal. Since 2016, BUDX’s goal has been to curate and support the best local artists and help their scenes grow. Budweiser has been supporting music and culture in India for over a decade, and with BUDX that support has extended to Asia, Africa and South America. Of course BUDX has access to the best global artists, but we also champion homegrown acts and support local talents in new and exciting ways. There’s a LOT more to come.

Scenes rise by the sheer love of the people in it, and fall when they just can’t support it on their own any more. BUDX helps push scenes forward by supporting the people who love the culture they create, and those that love culture. We’re here for you. You are an important part of this. Your support helps us unearth new sounds, help artists and support your scene.


At the heart of BUDX is a deep felt purpose to elevate and assist the important talent and scenes in India right now, encouraging all culture creators to rise up and Be a King.


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